Origami Affair with Fashion Limited!

Leyna Azoury

Visiting Japan today at the Origami affair I found this lovely Daisy I had been searching for as Gerber Daisy are my favorite flower in the world. So i collected all of them from Cubic Cherry at Origami summer 2015 I also found this screen which is nice for taking pics like a backdrop.

Fashion Limited  has this awesome Maxi dress from LeYna (New) . This one is called Lily Peach. As seen below my eyes shadow is rocking today. Creative glistening glitter for the inner eye with a splash of brushed eye shadow cool and warm colors then a shade on the under brow by Slack Girl called Fabia Eyeshadow for an amazing price at  Fashion Limited Styled here with Max Gossamer Pansie Bracelet. Azoury Head piece called Perle Noir @ Chapter Four July New!

Hair- Chemeric- Elaborate Updo in white

LeYna SlackGirl

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