Birds the Word…

Modern Coutour Birdy Print v_001

Amazing Dress called Birdy by Modern Couture in 3 volumes of Printed styles (and also solids) with Ghee headwrap in lime, aqua, and Cherry (also in lemon not seen here) shoes by Lamu which offers a color changing hud all at FashionTropic, earrings also from Modern. Couture called Reign also including a necklace sold as a set

Bracelet-  Chop Zuey Chaconne

eyeshadow- Slackgirl

On location traveling in Brasil in the mountains 45 minutes outside of Sao Paolo

hairbase- Anachron Noirette

Modern Coutour Birdy Print v_002

this Print is fabolouso

Modern Coutour Birdy Print v_004

So ethnic and regal in bold colors. If you haven’t grabbed this one yet.. Dont wait Fashiontropic is open til July 30th and you can get your one stop shop on. Dont miss your bus Fashiontropic

thank you,


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