Harlem Days… y Noches con my abuela

Dashiki Purple

Headwrap- L&H La Toure Pagne wax yellow

Dashiki- L&H Purple Off the shoulder

Jewelry – Chop zuey – Invitiation to Eternity set

Shoes  – L&H – Khady Heels for slink Feet high

Clutch from [F]oil– Mustard

Fur- Max Gossamers– baboushka Collar

Dashiki - Brown

Headwrap – L&H La Toure Burkina

Dashiki – L&H– Prune(its like a chocolate Brown) Off the shoulder Dashiki

Bangles- Amarelo Manga

Bracelet(Left)- Chop Zuey-From anchor of my Soul set

Necklace- [LF] Westeros Royal Gold Ocean

Earrings – A:S:S– Forni Earrings

Shoes- L&H – Kente Cloth Pumps for Slink Feet high

Dashiki white and yellow

Poses by Altamura

I remember taking the ‘A’ train from Far Rockaway all the way to 125th street in Harlem for dance class with my grandmother. Then we would head to the Bronx and go on 149th street and 3rd ave and talk to my grandmothers friends in St. Mary’s Park while i ran to every food truck for empanadas and italian Icees. Mi abuelita tuti wore dashiki, I never knew what it was called but when i saw this in Second Life my mind shifted to movements on congos and djimbe drums. Maybe they had patchouli oil, or Sandalwood and some Egyptian musk, I had a tambourine. I thought about my Tainos y Boricuas in the park doing Afro Cuban dance. All the bembe (parties) we had and I first learned about Orishas and their legends and we danced some more. Then my entire family performing on Lincoln Center and Radio City Music Hall. They said abuela was on Johnny Carson show too. I wish I could have seen it. I just remember the way her gown flowed. Her interest in Oscar De la Renta and Ortiz’s restaurant on 141st. We had to go there before it was packed with cab drivers. But she would mix fashions ethnic with high fashion. I remember being old enough to wear my grandmothers dress. I did the same thing. I put on a dashiki with a chinchilla and drove mi abuelos yellow Cadillac. When i arrived at my Tia’s my brother would get out and do this whistle that could be heard for blocks (sounded like a bird call). Everyone would peak out the window to see who it was.

Dashiki Orange

Make Up- Pink Acid

L&H Headwrap- La Toure Afrikiye

Thank you to Lanalili Miami  L&H

style your imagination


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