Shades of Soft light with vibrant hues

Nyas Fashiontropic_006

Beautiful Dress by Nya’s Boutique called Tropical Nights, shows color and depth of texture with this baby doll dress Maxi. The halter starts the eye dreaming down to the elongated Maxi all one piece, This is the plum version with matching Bandana in plum.The intricate detail cannot be explained. For your viewing pleasure see this Beauty up close at FashionTropic

Nyas Fashiontropic_002

Leilani Falls Necklace from Moondance is also featured in this post and can be found at FashionTropic In amazement it cuffs your neck perfectly to drop down and fall to the mid of your back.  How elegant and sexy..The earrings are also from the Moondance set called Plumeria Bloom can slo be found at FashionTropic brought to you by iNOVARE.

Lashes- Undaunted Mesh Lashes by October’s 4Seasons

On location here – LEA19 – the EGG Traveling SecondLife– This sim is beautiful colorful and everything that is ApocketfullofButterflies. Go see for yourself. The Egg has a significance in meaning. When you get there it has a notecard you can read for more information. Enjoy your day!

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