Sun Byrne !

Head Byrne Fashion Limited August

This is a peek of whats Coming to Fashion Limited August round featuring some Second Life’s greatest Designers. And Byrne has stole my heart with this bikini in a tie dye of (BYRNE) Zuka Outfit Wrap and tie up top with leaf/vine pattern.
Comes with diamond and pearl flower brooch that hooks right beneath the neck drawing the eye to the bossoms. Included are Wrap mini skirt and bikini bottom. All 100% Mesh and lovely I might add. Zuka comes in many colors stay tune for my next blog on this outfit as well as more from Fashion Limited which Opens August 5th! i can’t wait…

Worn here with New hair from PUFT called Mezzo Darks

Elysium Peptoe shoe in Yellow

head shiot_007

thank you,


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