Applause !!! Bravo!! Bellissima!


The Inspiration Event Opens September 10th just 2 days away. Here is another must have Gaga inspired outfit from Déche call Man I Cure the play on words is fun here with Manicure and to the Narcissistic Applause can Cure all things “Man I Cure.”  The hat is sold separately hands hugging everywhere and a set of hands to style with for your mix and match ensembles. This Outfit has 2 versions one with “I love for Applause Text on the skirt and Applause on the top” Also another seen below just the skirt and top without any text. You can find this outfit by Déche at the Inspiration Event on Sept. 10th.

Scene here

Skin – October’s 4 Seasons – Alisha Mocha New release

Glam Affair- Lashes No 6


Hair- Tableau Vivant- Editorial- Eastern Wind

Thank You,


For Inspiration Event

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