Stop Telephonin’ Me!

Telephone me_2002

The Inspiration Event showcases more beautiful designs from some of Second Life’s top designers. Here , like in the video Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce “Telephone” had top designers from Thierry Mugler, Emilie Pirlot, Oscar Olima, Haus of Gaga,

Second Life designer, Astralia brings  The Inspiration event this telephone hat like the one made by Rachel Barrett put 2 telephones together in a hat for More emphasis. I love that idea. See the amazing color hud can add to any outfit.

Lavian‘s color changing hud is current in style trends for printing Mix match interchangeable in so many ways. Lavian outfit is called, “Essentials Your the Inspiration.”

Platform Gaga Shoes- Pinks gaga Platform

Code 0711 – Lady Gaga Level – Medium Jacket ads layers and completion to this outfit.

Poses- Posession– White Gaga – ( Pic Lft & right) @ The Inspiration Event.

Scene but not in the event —————————–The Inspiration event Opens today- Lady Gaga Inspired theme

Hair- Nylon Outfitters

Make Up- La Boheme – Neith Set 2 eyeshadow

Lipstick- SongBird.

Thank You,


For The Inspiration Event

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