Hicksville Horror sim


Fashion Limited Round October has some fantasy costumes and wild make up for your gothic carnival styles..Peep this Diablo from ND* Lena Evil comes with corset, wings, tail, horns, boots slink High and a collar enough to scare the biggest monster.

Oceane ‘s make up helps develop this style with her Boho eyeshadow and Boho  lipstick and mesh eyelashes.



Fighting Ghouls and Zombies and Crazy at new sim called HIcksville horrors  a fright fest indeed by Cassandra Breeze. This hud driven rp sim is family oriented for halloween and has a great amount of zombies goons and everything walking dead ish.

Poses – LAbos poses – MeccaMaria poses

Thank you

ApocketfullofButterflies for Fashion Limited.is open from every 5th of the month to the 31th.

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