Diamonds and Pearls…Gratitude

Sad's Atelier
My Sponsor for My national Costume Sad’s Atelier by Sadbad Shan AMAZING!!

Clutch Your Pearls I’m clutching my diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and my Tourmaline Turban as colors wash the white clothes in the spin cycle.

My Blog post is about my Miss Virtual World experience and the Finale.. Can I say it was the most Awesome experience and at the same time challenging. Phew! It’s over so what’s next?

I just started, so I continue  my career 2016, new jobs, blogs, runways and I am happy to say I am represented by the most hottest agencies on the grid. My acceptance into BLVD Fashion House was an amazing surprise. I would say the Cherry and the Whip cream on top would be my new job at BOSL!

Lyrical Bizarre mvw finale
My Beautiful Finale Presentation by Lyrical Bizarre! Bold.. Yes!

Lyrical Bizarre Templates – Working with Lyrical was a great experience she is not only sweet, she aims to please and comes out with only the best okay so i knew I wanted to work with her for my finale. She does original mesh creations and this Blast of colorful is just right for Miss Seychelles 2016 aka Miss Colorful Chaos ❤ Thank you Lyrical


In addition an offer I couldn’t refuse, Culture Couture agency, I am excited  to take part in what is to come.

Sponsor Sad's atelier

Sadbab Shan’s website of all the beauties jewels new releases,

SL – Sad’s Atelier of Jewelry since 2008 – I knew I wanted to work with Sad’s because of his history and the beautiful jewelry he created for my finale was just amazing I mean this was exactly what I asked for and then some more ❤ Mesh bikini of clusters 100% mesh creator Sadbab really did the job on giving me sexy regal colors luxurious ❤

thank you Sadbab and Lyrical for helping me create this finale an ensembles I am mostly proud of.

Thank you,



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