Attention to Detail, The Inspiration

Heth Haute Couture_001 smaller


Heth Haute Couture ‘s Alycia Gown i saw on runway this weekend and I really liked the design, so it struck me to go to the store and check this gown out. Particularly the texture of it was inviting. The mid section of the gown, the bodice is a sparkling pattern that leads up to the beginning of the hemline which is another patterned texture. Love It! ❤

Styled with The Spirit Mask by Jumo Fashion & Beauty. This Mask is sparkles to dazzling the face and moving along the same lines which is what made me style it with the Alycia gown. Those Gold Patterns are moving in the same direction. But the Spirit Mask also comes in Silver, Gold, Copper and a tattoo layer or the Mesh mask is 100% original Mesh design by Jumo!

jumo spirit_002 final

I sometimes over style but that’s me , Sometimes less isn’t more to tell the story I want to tell. Its all in the intricate detail and flow of the statement I want to make or something really inspired me. I chose to put Modern.Couture‘s Malina Tiara to top off this styling along with the Andromeda Collar and the Amber Bracelet. The similar patterns of gems and sparkles flow through the styling, which really brings it all together.

I chose Hair by Drot called Omen. the updo but in a fierce attitude

jumo spirit_005 final

Picture on location @ Prism’s Design’s Bal harbour

This last photo is so special because while i was crashing my video my card my wonderful husband caught this pic of me this is through his  eyes.

Snapshot_002 Final

Thank You,


“I am here (SL) to Inspire others, because others have inspired me to be here.” – Mecca




2 thoughts on “Attention to Detail, The Inspiration

  1. I didn’t think this was over styles at all. In fact it was just right. I would have liked to have seen a close-up of you though because I think the head piece is intricate and interesting. Love the styling!


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