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“A House is not a home if there’s no one living there…” – Luther


“….and I still don’t know what was happenin'” – Rihanna

Virtual Diva is a New Sponsor and this Colorful Contrasted “Glowing Couture Carmin Roses” Gave me the pop of color and romanticism I needed to feel! ❤ Thank You Angy

“If Your going to be a Virtual Diva you Should do it all the way and LIVE!” – Mecca

I love styling this Flows and Ruffles in the skirt, its like ups and downs of Falsettos, Tenor, Deep Bass…like a song…the ups and downs of life ❤

The Carmin Roses executed the softness I feel in my heart for the people I love. My love is able to have many levels and is enough to go around to those …just the right amount for each person in my love potion box!

Passion – The Lips of Poema Lipstick Palettes of Pink – Thank you Matilda ❤

and Ofcourse D!Va Hair – Calista

::DARE:: Poses – Haute Couture Collection

“When I pour my heart out , I keep alot for self love I keep my Love For ME too ” ❤ -Me

Thank You,




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