Love Thyself …Know Thyself

jumo mcihele_001

Jumo Fashion & Beauty Stuns me again With an amazing release of Daphne Skin. Here I am wearing Daphne Caramel (unedited pic to show authenticity) The Skin is compatible for TMP, Belleza, Slink Appliers. Daphne eyeliner in Jungle, and Daphne has freckles in Soft Dark to show a very natural look in Freckles Jumo makes and also the Daphne eyebrows for more expression,  Daphne Lips Called Candlelight. Jumo is Beauty the skins come in  from Deepest Ebony to a lightest Pale in 9 skin tone ranges. I chose this color make up combination because it express what is in the dress I am wearing Michele in Royal also by Jumo! This Dress can be found in the Main store. The Ensemble includes earrings and necklace.. I chose to wear a hair base only in this styling because I want to show off the focus on the skin and dress. The back of this dress is amazing to me I had to put in the photos because the wrinkles in the back express a sexy movement in the back part and the mesh of this curves is just awesome !

Shoes Are a gift by Pure Poison @ the Fameshed Anniversary event called Lea.

My hair base is by Unorthodox.

thank you,


this post I am inspired by the Del May Pose called self grope. It reminds in real life no matter if your in pain, have an illness or depressed for whatever reason still love yourself, and be in gratitude that this is the body who carried you for so many years and for more years to come. Kiss yourself hug yourself especially when no one else is there always be a reminder and representation of Love and Compassion to OneSelf First and Foremost! ❤

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