Dorothy in The Bronx – The Get Down Oz

The Annex Dorothy_001

The Annex @ Enchantment with this cute little romper in the  Wizard of Oz theme Called Dottie. Comes in so many colors But I chose the Blue to match the CoCo shoes and socks, Nani Ruth hair also at Enchantment. Dottie is fit for Maitreya, Isis Freya, Venus, Hourglass, Physique. I am so happy for the many options of Mesh body choices for this sexy Dorothy! Thank You The Annex

Backstory – My school of performing arts put on a different rendition of the The Wizard of Oz and the Broadway show Wicked. We mixed it as if Dorothy was in the Bronx and she was dating but deciding not to pick up these various men off the street to help them find courage, a heart, or a brain. LOL it was humorous and fun story line. Having the Wizard come to the Hood best idea yet. Growing up on “the Wiz” with Diana Ross as Dorothy shaped that into a musical and dance performances, I still remember all the steps.

The Netflix Movie Series called ‘The Get Down‘ is another reminder I was heavily influenced by the scenes of the 1977 Bronx it really shows gentrification and how different the Bronx Looks today its actually sought after living space for the melting pot of beautiful Afro-Latin culture as is Harlem. Truly an amazing Cast if you have Netflix I predict this series is taking over!

The Annex Dorothy_002

This anniversary for Enchantment Gifts From Coco Red glitter shoes and Nanika Tattoo. Poses @ Devilish Poses

Thank you,


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