I Found the Good In GoodBye


BAXE poses @ The Hipster Fair 2017  – Exclusive Hipster Female & Male Editorial Poses

Dress by Belle Epoque @Shiny Shabby


I had fun playing with the lighting in my green house. Being among foliage reminds me to breathe and take in an appreciation of environment at a time I had to realize somethings I like may not be good for me. A bag of assorted nuts , you dont know which one u going to choose at the time your picking them out … there all a bag of nuts. But you may be allergic to almonds. Some may take that risk because the taste of almonds dipped in caramel lightly salted is satisfying. At the time. But not 3hours later when you  swells up into a catastrophic mess! Where is the wisdom of playing with a bag of assorted nuts?

Where is the wisdom of playing in SL? Larger amounts of hurt people consolidated into one virtual area. That bag of nuts…log in…Log out.

Try not to grab the almonds

-Ijalu Dos Santos (ApocketfullofButterflies Resident)

Thank you,




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