New BridgePort to Love and Community

Azul- Nayomi_001

What is great about Second Life is that the users control everything. The creators/users have the amazing talents and are from all over the world. This post is about merging.  Merging Fashion and popular Second Life destinations are what I really love to do in my blog. Today I am at BridgePort Estates wearing Nayomi by -AZUL- By Mami Jewell in Onyx.

This dress is much like the scenery. Dips and waves, liquidy equations and richness of textures. Class and sort after stylish gowns, gives you a boost of confidence. Here I have earrings from Kungler-Nightbloom in Rainbow. It syncs with the colors deep within this gown. The hint of purple and blue hues amaze me which lead for me to style make up by Slack Girl called Sunshine and a Necklace called Romana Gold Eiffe found at Fashion Collective, and hair from Blues called Valerie. The updo is great for such haute couture as this Nayomi gown named for Miss SL Brazil, a country i love too.

Azul- Nayomi_002

Poute  (At Fashiontropic) made this beautiful Hibiscus flower which adorns my hair as i walk the beautiful landscapes and Bridges of the homes in Bridgeport. This role play community has a downtown, some urban, suburban and a lot of beautiful water works and scenes which are great for living the best Second Life you can. I learned my environments means a lot for my self worth. I feel worthy as I step through with this Fancy gown from -Azul- By Mami Jewell

Azul Nayomi faceshot

Elegance all the way
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