Fashion Limited August Round Open Today! Theme….Nature

LeYna August Round pic 1

Only Limited Copies this round So be unique with these Fashion Limited – New Location Exclusives!!

LeYna Nature August Round pic 2

Style 1 – LeYna Nature Brown/Khaki @ Fashion Limited (NEW)

Style 2 – Leyna Nature with Khaki top/ Mint pants @ Fashion Limited (NEW)

August Round is open from August 5th to August 30th!!

Style 1 Accessories – Hair Moon, Earrings/necklace Modern.Couture (Chacal Orange Set), Sunglasses- Meva Bamboo Shades, Hat – Emo-tions LIV , Handbag from Birdy Pug (free gift)

Style 2 Accessories- Hair Moon Moonlight, bangles, Ring Tannhauser gatcha  Boho @ Chapter 4 (NEW)

Poses Vestige – Project Runway

Thank you ,


For Fashion Limited August Round (New Landmark)

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