So I am having such an amazing experience as Miss Seychelles 2016 and as a model in Second Life in general. I am finding myself , who I am as a model. I really love the challenge I have this week in my Scala model academy homework. Well actually 2 assignments. I was inspired by this dress so I bought it from Loloche @ BOSL fashion week.

This homework was pretty easy. I absolutely love to blog so I dont see it as work like many others do. Its become part of  my daily RL routine between working out and my hazelnut coffee.

The second part of my assignment I have a little more time to complete. How am I gonna portray myself? as a SL model in a picture. Well this dress has inspired me. Maybe I will use some part of this to style into something else since its 2 pieces. I love to mix and match its not like an outfit isnt complete. I just like to put a different spin on it with my own personal taste. So Im excited to see what i come up with.

Most of all I dont feel constrained. On my own blog I can style how I like. I can change my hair as I like. I love the freedom of expression. When this is halted I dont find much fun in it. I usually joke around that i wont let anyone style me. But I know at some point I might have to as a model in Second life. “Its my canvas and my brush no one can draw on my canvas!” I said this and I know I am slowly getting over this as I mature as a model.

Okay… I usually do not write this much on my blog.I usually just give a description of the outfit. Perhaps this dress inspired me. Question now is …is this Haute Couture or Avant Garde? I think I made it Avante with the lipstick and white hair. This dreamy Corset right very medieval too, almost fantasy. I choose to style in white hair eyebrows and lashes inspired by my research this week in Miss Virtual World 2016 Halloween Challenge. Its Pretty McQueenish or Vivienne (the name of this outfit is Vivienne) Westwood.

Hair- no. Match

Lipstick – MUA

gloves- are from a dress by Sascha designs actually. I’m thinking about mix matching this dress with the Loloche.

Just have to check back and see

Dont forget to check out Bosl Fashion week. Still some more amazing designers. I will be on runway Saturday @10am Miss Virtual World Halloween Challenge! here too.

Thank you


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