Mecca Butterfly

Byrne Mecca

So to say the least my Sponsor Byrne designed a dress and named it Mecca Dress! I love this is more than just flattery I feel like it’s best to not just blog anything. To be a blogger is to highlight designers whom you truly love and sponsors pick bloggers who represent their brands. I love all my Sponsors!. Byrne Mecca Dress is a Win – Win situation for you! @Sequin Event open November 7 – 21st Exclusive

(BYRNE) Mecca Dress & Scarf
Sleeveless halter minidress with bold abstract circle pattern and matching long scarf.
Comes in Black & White set and two colour sets with 3 versions.
Cool Set- Lime,Teal and Purple and Hot Set- Orange,Pink and Red

It Inspired me so I dedicate this to You the consumers! Thank you to my sponsor Byrne and all my sponsors ❤

Thank you to my Followers, without all of you there is no me….


Accessories by My sponsor Una – Hathor – Collar and rare helmet of God Hathor Unisex @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival opening in a few hours today

Eyeshadow – Prue – Slackgirl


Hat- Virtual Diva – Named Freedom @Art in Hats 2015 Diabetes Charity event

Lips – MUA- Geisha Brown (temporary store location all old cosmetics 29Ls)


Turban – He La

Bracelets – Meva – Bogo ring and bangles



(BYRNE) MaterMatrixAD


SL Marketplace

Thank you


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